Thursday 2 June 2016

Save the Children Steps up Relief Efforts amid Vietnam's Historical Drought

Hit by the worst drought in a century with at least 2 million people being affected, Vietnam needs humanitarian support to improve households’ access to clean water, ensure food security and contain diseases among humans and livestock. In response to this need, Save the Children in Vietnam has been stepping up efforts to provide humanitarian relief to drought-stricken areas.    

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Prudence Foundation and Save the Children launch project to support vulnerable communities to mitigate the impact of disasters

Save the Children and Prudence Foundation of Prudential Vietnam, have today launched a a programme in partnership to support communities in disaster-affected areas of Dien Bien, Hai Phong and Tien Giang. This three- year programme aims to increase the disaster preparedness and resilience of 6,000 vulnerable children and 30,000 community members.

Monday 23 February 2015

Early Warning SMS Warning Initiative Save Lives

Twenty-five year-old mother Tran Thi Muoi was woken up by the noise of violent winds blowing away the roof of her house at midnight. Inside the house, the water, brought in by heavy rain, rose quickly. Muoi held up her son in a panic. "The storm came all of a sudden. We were not informed of or warned about it. We didn't have enough time to do anything. I took my son to the attic," she said.

If Vietnam's disaster-prone regions had a good warning system in place in 2009, Muoi wouldn't have had to risk her life and the life of her son.