Save the Children is awarded for its contribution to Da Nang development

Monday 9 February 2015

Save the Children was awarded a Certificate of Merits by Da Nang People’s Committee for its valuable contribution to the city’s social development last Friday.

Da Nang is a coastal city in the central of Vietnam which is also in the disaster-prone areas of the country. In the last decade, Da Nang has made an impressive progress in term of economic development and has become a fastest economic and urban growth city in Vietnam.

Save the Children started to work in Da Nang city since 2000s with supports to people affected by natural disasters and a project to assist people with disability.

When Ketsana typhoon hit Da Nang in 2009 which killed a hundred and affected three millions of people on the coastal line, Save the Children was on the ground to support the people and their authorities to overcome the consequence of the storm. Save the Children has been well known for its most valuable supports, especially during this period.

Currently, Save the Children is implementing two programmes which are “Skills to Success” to support poor and disadvantaged young people to have better access to employment and “Climate Change Adaptation” to support the coastal communities to better prepare for disaster and climate change resilience.