Thursday 9 February 2017

Belonging to the 85% of Cotu poor households in Tay Giang District, Quang Nam province, Blup Thi Hum - 28 years old, lives with her husband and two children in Zo’ Ruot village, A Tieng Commune with main income source from agriculture. Briu Van Khuong is her second child. He was born at the 7th month, weighted 1,7 kg. As a result of premature birth, Khuong was dianogsed as a slow development child, especially in language and movement - this made Ms. Hum feel very sad and unconfident about her son going to pre-school. “I felt ashamed when seeing my son did not know many things and to be reminded by teachers many times”, she shared.

Ms. Hum has been trying to spend time to help her son learn numbers and counting, however she felt angry and shouted at him when he was being slow after being guided over and over again. Loving her son so much, she really wanted to help him out but didn’t know how to. Then everything started to change since the Parents’ Club was established at Zờ’ Rượt, satellite school, Hoa Mi preschool. With encouragement from the teachers, Ms Hum joined the club and gradually became an active member.

“Since I participated this club, I understand more about the benefit of helping children to learn at home. The facilitator taught us many games that could help children to learn literacy and math skills. Now I can play with and help my son learn anytime and anywhere. One interesting thing about the project is that it mobilizes simple, easy to find materials such as leafs, rocks, old magazines, newspaper…I am very surprised that those things can be learning materials. When I am busy, my children can play with each other and I will provide support if needed”, Ms. Hum happily said.

Bríu Văn Khương  and other kids with their mothers in a parent club session

Ms Hum herself has also changed a lot in the way she plays and learns with her son. She has become more patient, gives him more compliments and encouragement and tries to teach him every time, everywhere. The little shy Khuong, who always cried and refused to participate, also changed a lot. If previously he only played with his sister at home, now he goes out and plays with children in the neighbourhood. They use sticks and stones to replay the games they learn from classroom and parent club with enthusiasm. Khuong even actively helps his mother to arrange table for meals, gets the bowls and counts household items passionately.

“Teachers give him more compliments now. I also participate more in school’s activities in order to know what my child learns at school to help him more at home. I realize that parents play a very important role in the child’s learning at home. I learnt a lot from our parent club and see my son’s improvement; I no longer feel unconfident about Khuong.”- Ms.Hum shares happily and proudly.

Ms. Hum is one of 554 member of Parents’ Clubs in Tay Giang that aim to support their children to improve emergent literacy and math skills via home learning. She proves that any parent could help their child to learn despite how “special the child is”, as long as they have love, care and continuous effort.