Tuesday 5 October 2021

In Vietnam, ethnic minority children have been facing a consistently large gap in nutrition and education in comparison with the Kinh majority. Since 2016, Save the Children has contributed to raise public awareness and ensure that Every Last Child has access to quality health care, education and nutrition.
See more about our achievements in some Education and Health and Nutrition projects in VietNam since 2016 in these photos below.

“Building Brains for Brighter Futures” project

- Project period:  2020 - 2022

- Goal: Children from 0-3 will reach their full potential through improved health and early stimulation interventions.

- Achievements in 2020:

+ More than 600 parents, caregivers had a chance to improve their knowledge and skills about responsive parenting and early practices with their young child.

+ About 300 children 0-3 year olds have had support to reach their full potential through improved health and early stimulation interventions.

+ COVID-19 support for beneficiaries: about 130 electric thermometers, 500 boxes of medical gloves, 1,700 boxes of medical masks, 550 kilograms of Chloramine B, 1,400 bottles of alcohol hand sanitiser, 975 bottles of liquid hand sanitiser and 200 bottles of mouthwash liquid.

“Improving Quality and Equal Access to Education of Deprived Ethnic Minority and Migrant Children in Vietnam” (Bvlgari) project

- Project period: 2017-2020

- Donor: Bvlgari

- Location: Dien Bien, Dong Nai

- Goal: improving the school readiness, learning outcomes and access to school hygiene facilities for the ethnic minority children

- Achievements:

+ 323 pre-school teachers, primary school teachers and teaching assistants attended refresh training workshop on Early Literacy and Math (ELM) and Literacy Boost (LB)

+ About 750 LB-integrated lessons were conducted as daily teaching activities in 3 primary schools in Dien Bien Dong

+ About 24,000 ELM-integrated lessons conducted as daily teaching activities in 10 pre-schools

+ 15 toilets and hygiene systems were renovated (renovation and construction) 

+ 20 outdoor reading corners were built

+ 20 ELM videos were produced and delivered to parents of children from five preschools in Dong Nai province to help children continue to learn during the COVID-19 outbreak

Overall, more than 7,000 children, 2,500 parents, 3,500 teachers in 8 pre-school and primary schools in Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province and Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai benefited from the project.

“Emergent Literacy and Math Skills in Early Childhood Development Program” (EDC HK) project

- Period: 2015 – 2018

- Goal: improve the school readiness, home learning environment and holistic development among the ethnic minority children in Yen Bai and Quang Nam Provinces

- International Development and Early Learning Assessment (IDELA):

+ Children overall score improved from 33% in 2016 to 44% in 2018

+ Result of 4 core development domains in 2016 and 2018: motor development (44%-56%), emergent literacy (21%-37%), emergent numeracy (21%-37%), social-emotional development (27% - 32%)

“Saving children’s lives in vulnerable communities in Vietnam” (GSK) project

- Project period: 2016-2021

- Donor: GSK

- Goal: to increase the use of maternal and newborn health services in District Health Centres and Commune Health Centres of Tram Tau, Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai districts, and Nghia Lo Hospital in the Yen Bai province of Vietnam 

- Achievements:

+ > 400 village health workers, commune health center staff, district and provincial staff were trained

+ About 33,00 people were advocated about healthy maternal and newborn care practices

+ About 67,000 mothers and their babies benefitted from health facilities and awareness raising campaign

“Northern Mountain Integrated Child Nutrition Improvement” project

- Duration: 2017 -2021

- Location: 20 communes in 4 districts in Son La and Yen Bai

- Goal: improve the nutrition status of children of age less than five in the target villages through improving the child feeding practices, maternal and child care, and to diversify sources of nutrition of pregnant women, infants and young children

- Achievement:

+ More than 3,000 Child Growth Monitoring days were organized monthly at each project communes

+ More than 3,000 children participated in Child Growth Monitoring day monthly

+ More than 4,000 pregnant women participated in Antenatal Care Day at Commune Health Center

+ More than 1,700 husbands were consulted about antenatal care

“Enhancing the School Readiness and Learning outcome of Ethnic Minority Children in Vietnam” project

- Duration: 2018 -2020

- Donor: Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

- Achievements:

+ More than 2,500 parents learned how to support their children in early learning at home

+ More than 12,000 children had opportunities to access to quality education and improve study result

+ About 700 teachers, parents, community members improved capacity to help children develop fundamental literacy skills and reading with comprehension for children.