Thursday 9 February 2017


Belonging to the 85% of Cotu poor households in Tay Giang District, Quang Nam province, Blup Thi Hum - 28 years old, lives with her husband and two children in Zo’ Ruot village, A Tieng Commune with main income source from agriculture. Briu Van Khuong is her second child. He was born at the 7th month, weighted 1,7 kg. As a result of premature birth, Khuong was dianogsed as a slow development child, especially in language and movement - this made Ms. Hum feel very sad and unconfident about her son going to pre-school.

Thursday 9 February 2017


Nằm trong nhóm 85% hộ dân nghèo đồng bào Cơ Tu ở huyện Tây Giang, tỉnh Quảng Nam, chị Blúp Thị Hum, 28 tuổi, hiện đang sinh sống cùng chồng và hai con tại thôn Zờ’ Rượt, xã A Tiêng, với nguồn thu nhập chính của gia đình là từ việc canh tác nương rẫy.

Monday 16 January 2017

Flooded commune in Central Vietnam get supported with water filters funded by GSK via Save the Children

Thao’s family is a typical farmer household in Central region Vietnam. They have three children, a small piece of land for paddy rice, some chickens and one cow. Although life was at times not easy especially when her youngest son, 18 months, has congenital heart disease, Thao and her husband Luan are working hard to earn their living and support their children.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

How SMS Technology Can Ensure Education Continuity

Disaster-prone Vietnam is susceptible to rapid-onset emergencies like storms, typhoons, and flooding annually. During these times, children are unable to go to school due to unsafe conditions.

Thursday 16 June 2016

In Vietnam, Ethnic Minority Children Bear the Brunt of Under-nutrition

The most disadvantaged group in Vietnam, ethnic minority children have been facing a striking gap in nutrition and other development conditions in comparison with Kinh, the majority group. They may further lag behind unless bold actions are taken to address the inequality they are facing.